The relatively strong contrast provided by the monitor gave such scenes the sort of look they demand. ‘Black crush’ and ‘VA glow’ were both observed, though not to an extreme degree. So the monitor didn’t provide an OLED-like look when observed in a dimmer room, but certainly offered improvements compared to your typical IPS and even some VA LCDs. The screen surface again provided relatively direct light emission for a matte screen surface, without strong layering and with a somewhat grainy but not ‘smeary’ appearance to the finish. The Odyssey Neo G7 does not use PWM to regulate backlight brightness at any brightness level, with DC used to moderate brightness instead. Across the brightness range but mainly below a brightness level of ‘40’, we noticed some low amplitude high frequency oscillation of the backlight.

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No firmware in the download center for the Odyssey G95 Gaming Monitor

I would suspect a blue laser issue if it hadn’t happened in conjunction with an update. So here’s what I don’t get; in this day and age, why does the device wait for me to want to watch a movie before it decides to download the required software? Granted, I could have watched the movie and then downloaded the firmware later, but most likely later would end up being the very next time that I wanted to watch a movie.

There’s a setting to enable it at 60Hz, but it still flickers at 120Hz, as you can see in this photo. The Samsung Odyssey G70A has an impressive response time at 60Hz, but motion looks worse than its max refresh rate because there’s more overshoot, resulting in some ghosting. Once again, we suggest simply enabling VRR to have the best motion handling possible, but if you don’t use VRR, set the Response Time to ‘Standard’.

However, we recommend the newer G9 model as it delivers much better gaming performance. AMD FreeSync Premium Prois supported only over DisplayPort (doesn’t work over HDMI) with a Hz variable refresh rate range. Last but not least, the Neo G9 is among the first monitors on the market to support the new DisplayPort 2.1 specification.

Samsung Odyssey G9 review: Price and availability

Your Blu-ray manufacturer will often provide the software and tools you need to resolve Blu-ray errors. Take care to keep your drivers updated and your firmware updated. It’s easy to overlook but doing so is necessary for your PC’s proper functioning.

Picture quality is fairly similar, and even though the Gigabyte has much better out-of-the-box accuracy, it may vary between units. Motion is fantastic on each, but the backlight strobing feature on the Gigabyte flickers at a wider range than the one on the Samsung. If you’re looking for a flat-screen 1440p 240Hz gaming monitor, you’ll have to opt for an IPS model. We recommend the Gigabyte M27Q-X and the LG 32GQ850; they don’t have as high contrast ratio, but offer more consistent and vibrant colors as well as smoother VRR performance. The Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 model G85NB monitor was originally announced at CES 2022 as the world’s first 4K gaming monitor with a 240Hz refresh rate, features that are expected to appeal especially to gamers. Visually, this should reduce tearing and offer more seamless playback when gaming.